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Most Useful Linux Commands Alias

In linux “alias” command allows user to launch application or group of command using shortcut keyword on the terminal. alias is saved under ~/.bashrc file. to add alias there is two possible ways.

1. Update the ~/.bashrc file and add line like
alias apt-get=’sudo apt-get’
2. using bash syntax
alias apt-get=’sudo apt-get’
Here are the list of most useful command alias which you can add in your linux machine and use it like a pro.

1.  sudo apt-get install
alias apt-get=’sudo apt-get’
2. Print linux distribution using lsb_release
alias distro=lsb_release
3. extract tar or tar.gz file
alias tar=’tar –zxvf’
4. Search history using history | grep
alias hg=’history | grep’
5. Clear the terminal using clear

alias c=’clear’
6. List directory with permission
alias ll=’ls –all’
7. See history
alias h=’history’
8. List all port on the machine
alias ports=’netstat –tulamp’
9. Be a root
alias su=’sudo –i’
10. Update command
alias update=’sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade’
This command will let you access Linux terminal like a pro. if you like this post please do share.

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