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Interesting facts about Indian currency symbol

Here are some interesting fact about the Indian currency symbol.
  • Indian Currency Symbol has been presented publiclly by the goverment of india on 15th july 2010.
  • The symbol uses U+20B9 unicode charactar.
  • Indian currency symbol was designed by Udaya Kumar.
There are almost 25,000 applications received from across the country. Among them five symbols short listed from the desig. the symbol was looking like

Indian Currency Symbol design by
Nondita Correa-Mehrotra
Indian Currency Symbol design by Hitesh Padmashali

Indian Currency Symbol Design by K K Shibin

Indian Currecny Symbol design by Shahrukh Irani

And After the Cabinet's approval Udaya Kumar's Design was selected as a final indian currency symbol.

Why Udaya Kumar's Design was selected?

Udaya Kumar Dharmalingam with his currency symbol design
1. Fusion of Hindi and English:
Selected symbol is inspired by the Devanagari letter ‘Ra’ and Roman capital letter ‘R’. which is are derived from the word 'Rupiah' in 'Hindi' and 'Rupees' in 'English' both represents the currency of India.

The derivation of letters from these words conveys the association of the symbol with currency rupee.
The symbol straightforwardly communicates the message of currency for both Indian and foreign nationals. In other words, a direct relationship is established between the symbol and the rupee.

2. Shrio Rekha:
The use of shrio rekha (the horizontal line) in Devanagari script is unique to India.
3. Tricolor:
if you fill the two horizontal line with color orange and green it will represent the Indian National flag's tricolor.

4. Equality sign:
Both the horizontal sign represents the sign of equality which
signifies a balanced economy, our economy should be secured and stable forever for all.
5. Similarity in design:
The symbol is designed in similarity with the other existing symbols of the world.

6. Simplicity:
To write a Indian currency symbol you just need three stroke, which represents it's simplicity.

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