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12 Interesting Fact about Movie Kabali

Fills our brains with 12 Interesting Fact about Superstar Rajnikanth stater Movie Kabali.

  1. Kabali is the 1st Indian movie to release across 30 nations at a time. 
  2. Kabali is widest release across Asian countries.
  3. Kabali is releasing across 4500 screens in China same as PK 400 screens across US 300 screens.
  4. Kabali is the only South Indian movie to release in over 1000 screens in North India.
  5. Kabali is releasing across double the screens than any other Bollywood star's film worldwide.
  6. Kabali trailer crossed 25 Million in a week as it is released highest ever for any Indian movie.
  7. Kabali is the 1st Indian movie  poster displayed in flights buses in India.
  8. Kabali is all set to be the first movie in the world to declare a leave in a state.
  9. 12000 screens worldwide at a time across 30 nation Highest ever.
  10. Kabali is the only movie to  have a pre booked all tickets for all shows in USA.
  11. Record Booking ever with 6500 screens already booked FDFS 3500 screens for FD 2000 screens entire weekend for all the shows worldwide.
  12. Kabali is the 1st Indian movie to release in World's biggest theatre Le grand Rex in France with 2500 seats.

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